The Remnants

4/19 Adventure Notes
Alku (Gesundheit) (Eruka's Warped Perspective)

I spent a lot of time reading Froggy Sr.‘s Journal, or at least what I thought was Froggy Sr. until Inlia-lia-pants-on-fia told me that it wasn’t. It talked about a girl who lived with a bunch of worshippy people that never left that never left the temple, and probably did boring things all day. They were getting ready for something, but the girl was too dumb to know what. I can only it assume it happened really long ago. Mostly because this writing is older than something really old, like the sandwich in my bag, but a lot older.

The next book was Alku’s (Gesundheit) writing. He talked about boring stuff that excited him for dumb reasons. Colleagues, Work, Discoveries, Religion; all this stuff no one cares about or pays any attention to. But then he had all the super scrambly rambly mumbo jumbly writing, which finally talked about something interesting. Although the strange thing was rather than happy for fun things, he seemed scared. He mentioned some cool looking door they couldn’t open. Shortly thereafter his fellow archaeologists and friend’s started to go missing and dying. I believe that they were so embarrassed by their inability to open the door, that they killed themselves, but made it look like murder to save face. However, I must digress from my brilliant theory to say that Alku(Gesundheit) was actually murdered.

There was a section at the end that was directed at me (me, and no one else, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, or Inaia who is a liar.) He had some final wishes that were easy enough to fulfill, and there was stuff in it for me, so I took the final page of his journal to some lady named Galdy (which rhymes with Baldy, but she had hair, thus rendering her anti-bald) to give to his wife. Not Baldy looked really sad to know he got punched to death, I don’t know why she cared so much. But it was all okay, because she gave me shiny stuff, and a cool super awesome magical bag thing that is really fun.

So because Achoo got punched to death I suspected the people who punch people for a living. We went there, and all I found out is that Nadalya is a whore, but that’s okay because she has a pretty middle name. Anyways, the big guy definitely looked capable of death-punching Achoo, but he claims he didn’t even know the guy, and I sort of believe him. The other wrassler looked pretty injured, but I couldn’t get a good enough look at him to see how injured he actually was. It’s possible he faked his injuries and slipped out to punch murder Alku (Gesundheit) to death, but I could make no verification. The big guy also used some strange mind trick, which would have resulted in him punching me, but I expertly defused the situation with my superior thinking skills and advanced logic. The big guy also said that any of the wrassle-punchers could have done it, but he doesn’t think they did. To be honest, he doesn’t look like the thinking type. This leaves me reason to doubt his opinion. He wouldn’t even let me heal his brother, so I think there is some life insurance scheme in here somewhere.

Anyways, we went back to Ria’s house and she looked sad, but I don’t blame her, I would be sad if I had that many arms that could itch simulataneously. Sniffy dude talked to her, but didn’t say anything to us, so her arms were probably just itchy.

After that, we decided to go have fun and attack the slavers. It was a long walk, but fun is usually never close by. Anyways, we got there and Kitty saw a dust-storm that was really a butt of dust from a guy on a camel, Frog’s eagle eyes were able to easily distinguish the man. Frog also heard some screaming, so of course I wanted to see what was happening.

So there are bugs everywhere, and they are attacking the slavers, it looks to be some sort of distraction. Anyways, I should probably stop writing, I think I’m being shot at. Yep! Definitely being shot at! Bye-Bye!

Adventure Log 1/13/15
Inaia Shen & Gyriboro's Perspective

I supposed things never go according to plan, although not covering our tracks was not the brightest thing to do. I was hoping we would at least get some rest before that strange creature found us. I KEPT MISSING. HE WAS FAST. ALSO I BECAME BIG. IT WAS FUN. AND HE WAS A LIAR. HE WASNT A SCORPION AT ALL. SOME KIND OF BONY MONSTER. WHICH MEANS I COULDN’T EAT IT. A construct of some sort I assume. Though the thought is troubling. Who would send such a thing after us? Or was it some sort of magical experiment gone awry? What is so important about this temple?
Anyway, we got our rest and went back to town only to find Alku slaughtered with little more than gold missing from his pockets. We’re they looking for something specific? Xin contacted the “peacekeepers” and led them to the scene. The man that came seemed more interested in keeping his city’s false peace than actually keeping anyone safe. What does he think he’s going to accomplish? These people will be their own downfall. I can only hope that they’re smart about this whole civil war business. If the people are angry it’s for a damn good reason. Some secrets must be kept, but this is deception.
Something interesting though. Under Alku’s leg was a crude drawing. A person with four arms and a music note. I assumed it was Xin’s “girlfriend.” He gets so flustered by that. It’s rather amusing. After some searching we found her in one of the taverns. After some questioning I was able to glean from her that she only came across Alku yesterday evening. She suggested he was either drunk or drugged, as he seemed out of it and kept speaking of his three daughters. She also had a friend in the city, if you can call him that. A friend usually has the decency to tell you his name. He was apparently not from the desert and had a clean shaven head. The Kasatha also said he had some kind of field journal on him, though he only wrote gibberish in it. With this information we decided to head back to Alku’s to see if such a thing was still there. After a bit of searching we found it; a ciphered field journal. Eruka could translate it, but we needed the key to the cipher. It was at this point I remembered that the Kasatha woman let Alku play her instrument! He must have known something would happen to him and left clues behind for us to find. As suspected, the cipher was in the instrument’s hollow. Nadalia cleverly suggested that the key references his three daughters. So now we have Eruka deciphering the journal. Will it give information of what he was looking for? What information was so important that someone would kill for it? And through all this I can’t shake the feeling that something might be terribly wrong back home. I don’t want to go back, but I can’t just abandon him if something has really gone awry. I suppose we’ll find out when Eruka finishes the journal. THEN INI GOT MILK BUT SHE DIDNT SHARE ANY WITH ME. SHE HAS A FUNNY MASK WITH A FUNNY SMILE. IT’S LIKE MY SMILE :). SHE HAS A PRETTY FACE BUT SHE HIDES IT. I DIDNT HAVE A SANDWICH TODAY. I’M HUNGRY. The Kasatha woman, Ria I think her name was, invited us to stay with her in her home. Eruka flew off somewhen but I don’t think it’s a cause for worry. It’ll be nice to sleep in an actual house. It’s been such a long time since then. WILL THERE BE SANDWICHES? BUT NOT LIKE ERUKA I DON’T WANT TO EAT HER SHE SMELLS FUNNY.

Adventure Log 1/6/15
Azok the Finder and the Temple in Need of a Broom

We finally got to the point the little man told us about. It’s always easier to find things when you have a map. The place where the temple is supposed to be sunk ain’t really remarkable; sand everywhere, as you would expect in a godsdamned desert. As per Shorty’s request, Dolly does her dance and Crazy does her words and whaddya know, a hole opens up in the ground. Down we goes in the dark hole and we find spiders. Fucking spiders. The Ugly Blade and our allies make quick work of the scuttlefucks and we makes our way forward. The temple of Sarenrae is more decrepit and broken down than an old whore and smells just as musty and dusty. Whiskers keeps going on and on about his “magic gift”, creepy little shit. Equally creepy is the amount of bones we keeps turning up, clerics who went down with the ship, maybe? Hardly matters now, finding this place is good for business and any loot we can scrounge will only help.

Talking scorpions. We have a talking scorpion talking with our resident lunatic and they want to be friends; this day keeps getting stranger. Whiskers whisks away our potential alliance with Pincher and he skulks off all somber like, much to the irritating displeasure of Tiny’s lizard. The lizard runs after bugsy and I gets myself some time to think about all this crazy brewing in this slice of shit we have. Shorty wants us to grab him some proof we was here; Dolly found us a book and wrapped it up and Whiskers did the same with another book. It’s appearing we’s good to go, until the lizard finds Mr. Scuttlefuck and he’s got himself a nice treasure box. I says to myself:

“Ya know, Azok, that probably has something nice in there and you sure as shit know that no bug has need of such a nice container”

Naturally, I’m inclined to agree with me and so I just wait for the diplomats to do their talking and lo and behold, fuck all happens. Pincher says to us that he can’t give it to us, which I find mighty interesting, so I just tells him I’ll feed him his stinger if’n he don’t tell us who told him to come down here. He declines my dinner date and gets all defensive. Defensive turns offensive and he goes after the lizard. Crazy does her magic and Pincher passes out cold. I nab the box and we’s on our way no problem. Naturally, Beefcake has some issue about us taking that box, spouting about honor and need and some other garbage that’d get him gutted in the streets. Take what you can, because life ain’t giving shit to you.

We make our camp and nap, hopefully Pincher takes the hint and leaves us be, he ain’t getting away unscathed if he wakes me up from my beauty sleep.

12/16 Session
Salem's persepctive

Who knew that killing slavers could prove to be such tiresome but gratifying work? I wish I could’ve personally told each one of them to never come near my territory again, but watching them bleed out as they gasp for air was mollification enough. Now I have to begin the grueling work of trying to create attachments with the people of this city though. They’re not even grateful that I saved all of their damnable lives! I forgot how difficult it was in the beginning to start with nothing, because mindless flattery doesn’t work unless I back it up with something, and every little semi-insulting comment I make has to receive so much indignity. I should’ve known that I would have to take my bow back out at some point. The gift can’t solve all my problems.The only problem being that, unlike Pluna, there are other people here who actually seem capable. It’s to be expected that they’d be brought in by this “Water Festival” or whatever the locals call it. Still, I can’t have my glory being robbed, if I’m to attain control over Pluna. It’s a good thing I spent my time wisely and helped the sick in the temple as opposed to that grotesque creature with four arms, who only seemed to mope around everywhere, and that weird halfling girl with the dragon-thing. What the hell is that and why does it feel the need to talk and never cease talking? The only other one who I actually feel like associating with is that weird girl who seems to be able to control people. I could tell from the moment she robbed that man of 300 extra gold that her and I would get along quite well. It’s only a shame that I don’t have whatever power she has. There is one other, the one who looks like an orc but isn’t an orc, whom I don’t particularly like or dislike.That’s probably because I hate and love anything big and dumb which all orcs are. They’re just so annoyingly stupid but so easy to control. He’ll also make a very nice ally for that reason, but if that halfling girl plans on foiling all my plans, like she tried to do with the witchy girl, then she’ll need to be taken care of. Same with the weird creature whom the natives seem to like. I was only lucky to be approached with a favor already, and from a scholar, though a scholar of questionable reputation. If this temple is of half the importance he believes to be, being credited with the discovery of it would be very gratifying, and the gold doesn’t hurt either.

First Sessions' log
Viddan's perspective

Ah, the Water Festival! The perfect place to lay low and sell some party favors. Or so I thought. As if little knee-cappers stealing my vials wasn’t enough of a nuisance, apparently Suryz hired some bounty hunters to sniff me out. That’s not figurative either, he’s actually sniffing around, it’s creeping me out. I would’ve made a clean escape but some crazy woman kept me from shrinking. How fun.

And they accused me of rape! How dare they!? I’m an upstanding citizen! She may have been high at the time(off of my product) but I would never- oh my, the brute’s companion is quite the catch. My charms must be working because they haven’t killed me yet.

During the night those nice kids I sold some pesh to ran off into the desert while high or something. I don’t really know because I was tied up. I told them to do it somewhere safe. Wait, did I tell them that? I should have told them that. The wrestler boy was sulking about, and Nidalya practically broke her neck trying to check him out. She has horrible taste in men. The whore.

In the morning slavers started to attack caravans leaving the town. This vacation keeps getting better. The pansy mayor fish guy doesn’t want to fight, but thank god there’s soldiers with some sense here. The motley crew went around trying to find other people to help defend the town. Of course, I was forced to. I would run, but I think this is the slaver gang I sold that fake pesh to. Oh, and I think bigugly here would just sniff me down again, and I don’t want to look at him for another second.

They went to the wrestlers, but the fat one was dealt some bad product. Whoever sold this stuff to him was either trying to kill him or an idiot. Thank goodness for me or he’d be in a coma right about now. The four armed guy found another striking beauty. If only her voice didn’t drive me even further into insanity. Some of the cappers are going to sling rocks, HOW HELPFUL OF THEM. Bigugly used his wit and charm masterfully and scared off that red elf guy. Fish guy took up some driftwood and went to the east end. Nice knowing you, fishy. String bean, blondie, and I are going north. Oh right, and the cappers too.

Here they come. Oh yeah, this is definitely the guy I gypped. I can tell by the way he’s screaming his name. Gulhan, what a stupid god damn name. He doesn’t seem to recognize me and string bean ran in and caught his attention first. Not sure who he’s trying to impress. Blondie seems to know her way around a fight, and she knows we can’t fight off this many goons. One of the fuckers cut off one of my fingers too, I’m out of here.

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