Catfolk Diplomat


He’s a catfolk, and on the shorter side. He appears to be very light and nimble, but still seems very pleasing and inviting to talk to. He has piercing black eyes that stand out brilliantly from his light brown fur. He has a distinct lack of any scars or battle marks characteristic of most catfolk warriors but does have a piercing on his left ear. He dresses more decoratively than defensively and seems to take his appearance very seriously, endeavoring to always maintain a level of physical beauty. The one thing he always wears that always seems out of place is a grey scarf around his neck. The only visible weapon on his body is his longbow and quiver that stick out from where its sheathed behind him.


Despite most catfolk being feared or even hated within the desert regions, most people in the town seem to enjoy Salem’s presence. Originally a diplomat from the Northern Jungles stationed in Pluna, he quickly made a name for himself in the city by doing oddjobs and quickly gaining everyone’s trust, until slavers raided the city. That is when Salem showed up in Oasis for the first time as a refugee, and helped them repel the slavers from their own city. It seems he’s now willing to foster the same goodwill between the Northern Jungles and Oasis as he did for the Northern Jungles and Pluna.


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