Crazy witch with a penchant for chaos


Eruka is short, about 5’2" and very slender. She has a very expressive face usually curled wide in a twisted grin. She wears incredibly flashy and awkwardly tacky dresses, usually with black and white color schemes. She constantly wears a hideous blouse that has all sorts of grotesque fetishes and trophies of things she’s killed hanging across it.


No one in the surrounding areas really knows much about Eruka. The locals all avoid her for obvious reasons. However, military saw her as a potential asset. Typically they only played a defensive role when it came to fighting the beast tribes of the Northern Jungle, but they could care less what happened to the crazy woman that seemed to like killing more than breathing. They agreed to provide her shelter outside of town, and food if she could go to the Northern Jungle and kill any who try to stake land in the desert’s border. The arrangement worked well, because it took pressure of The Rise’s military, and it let Eruka run free without disturbing the town members. Her outward attitude is that of a small child that has never been told “no,” and truthfully that’s all there is to her. She does things both good and bad on a whim, and when she doesn’t get her way she’ll resort to the use of her magic. She’ll follow any pursuit, noble, or otherwise until she becomes bored. Once she hits that point of boredom, she will either leave all together, or attempt to make things more “interesting” with the use of her magic. She definitely has a sadistic bent, she loves to watch others suffer, she finds it hilarious, and her magic allows her to excel at it. She doesn’t really keep friends, but the company can make things fun for her once in a while, but even then they are usually just means to an end. The closest thing she has to a friend is her Greensting Scorpion which she named “Frog” because it’s green.


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