Xin Sheelal

Four-armed desert warrior


A 5’ 8" muscular four-armed warrior from the desert. He wears a cloak and more armor than one might expect from a nomad and is surprisingly well-armed, considering he was just at Oasis. Upon first glance, he is quite fearsome and most would not approach him lightly. Those who look closely might decide he would be hard to catch off-guard, and those who observe him would most likely notice remarkable conditioning from his constant training and desert lifestyle.


Xin is a warrior from one of the nomadic Kasatha tribes. He has technically completed his training and is a fully grown adult but due to his desire to become his tribes’ champion, he is on a mission to discover new fighting techniques and train in them. So far, he has only really trained in The Rise but is ever hopeful for new opportunities. He is unaware of other cultures’ customs and a bit awkward when not around his own people.

Xin Sheelal

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