The Remnants

First Sessions' log

Viddan's perspective

Ah, the Water Festival! The perfect place to lay low and sell some party favors. Or so I thought. As if little knee-cappers stealing my vials wasn’t enough of a nuisance, apparently Suryz hired some bounty hunters to sniff me out. That’s not figurative either, he’s actually sniffing around, it’s creeping me out. I would’ve made a clean escape but some crazy woman kept me from shrinking. How fun.

And they accused me of rape! How dare they!? I’m an upstanding citizen! She may have been high at the time(off of my product) but I would never- oh my, the brute’s companion is quite the catch. My charms must be working because they haven’t killed me yet.

During the night those nice kids I sold some pesh to ran off into the desert while high or something. I don’t really know because I was tied up. I told them to do it somewhere safe. Wait, did I tell them that? I should have told them that. The wrestler boy was sulking about, and Nidalya practically broke her neck trying to check him out. She has horrible taste in men. The whore.

In the morning slavers started to attack caravans leaving the town. This vacation keeps getting better. The pansy mayor fish guy doesn’t want to fight, but thank god there’s soldiers with some sense here. The motley crew went around trying to find other people to help defend the town. Of course, I was forced to. I would run, but I think this is the slaver gang I sold that fake pesh to. Oh, and I think bigugly here would just sniff me down again, and I don’t want to look at him for another second.

They went to the wrestlers, but the fat one was dealt some bad product. Whoever sold this stuff to him was either trying to kill him or an idiot. Thank goodness for me or he’d be in a coma right about now. The four armed guy found another striking beauty. If only her voice didn’t drive me even further into insanity. Some of the cappers are going to sling rocks, HOW HELPFUL OF THEM. Bigugly used his wit and charm masterfully and scared off that red elf guy. Fish guy took up some driftwood and went to the east end. Nice knowing you, fishy. String bean, blondie, and I are going north. Oh right, and the cappers too.

Here they come. Oh yeah, this is definitely the guy I gypped. I can tell by the way he’s screaming his name. Gulhan, what a stupid god damn name. He doesn’t seem to recognize me and string bean ran in and caught his attention first. Not sure who he’s trying to impress. Blondie seems to know her way around a fight, and she knows we can’t fight off this many goons. One of the fuckers cut off one of my fingers too, I’m out of here.


almostGiovanni almostGiovanni

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