The Remnants

4/19 Adventure Notes

Alku (Gesundheit) (Eruka's Warped Perspective)

I spent a lot of time reading Froggy Sr.‘s Journal, or at least what I thought was Froggy Sr. until Inlia-lia-pants-on-fia told me that it wasn’t. It talked about a girl who lived with a bunch of worshippy people that never left that never left the temple, and probably did boring things all day. They were getting ready for something, but the girl was too dumb to know what. I can only it assume it happened really long ago. Mostly because this writing is older than something really old, like the sandwich in my bag, but a lot older.

The next book was Alku’s (Gesundheit) writing. He talked about boring stuff that excited him for dumb reasons. Colleagues, Work, Discoveries, Religion; all this stuff no one cares about or pays any attention to. But then he had all the super scrambly rambly mumbo jumbly writing, which finally talked about something interesting. Although the strange thing was rather than happy for fun things, he seemed scared. He mentioned some cool looking door they couldn’t open. Shortly thereafter his fellow archaeologists and friend’s started to go missing and dying. I believe that they were so embarrassed by their inability to open the door, that they killed themselves, but made it look like murder to save face. However, I must digress from my brilliant theory to say that Alku(Gesundheit) was actually murdered.

There was a section at the end that was directed at me (me, and no one else, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, or Inaia who is a liar.) He had some final wishes that were easy enough to fulfill, and there was stuff in it for me, so I took the final page of his journal to some lady named Galdy (which rhymes with Baldy, but she had hair, thus rendering her anti-bald) to give to his wife. Not Baldy looked really sad to know he got punched to death, I don’t know why she cared so much. But it was all okay, because she gave me shiny stuff, and a cool super awesome magical bag thing that is really fun.

So because Achoo got punched to death I suspected the people who punch people for a living. We went there, and all I found out is that Nadalya is a whore, but that’s okay because she has a pretty middle name. Anyways, the big guy definitely looked capable of death-punching Achoo, but he claims he didn’t even know the guy, and I sort of believe him. The other wrassler looked pretty injured, but I couldn’t get a good enough look at him to see how injured he actually was. It’s possible he faked his injuries and slipped out to punch murder Alku (Gesundheit) to death, but I could make no verification. The big guy also used some strange mind trick, which would have resulted in him punching me, but I expertly defused the situation with my superior thinking skills and advanced logic. The big guy also said that any of the wrassle-punchers could have done it, but he doesn’t think they did. To be honest, he doesn’t look like the thinking type. This leaves me reason to doubt his opinion. He wouldn’t even let me heal his brother, so I think there is some life insurance scheme in here somewhere.

Anyways, we went back to Ria’s house and she looked sad, but I don’t blame her, I would be sad if I had that many arms that could itch simulataneously. Sniffy dude talked to her, but didn’t say anything to us, so her arms were probably just itchy.

After that, we decided to go have fun and attack the slavers. It was a long walk, but fun is usually never close by. Anyways, we got there and Kitty saw a dust-storm that was really a butt of dust from a guy on a camel, Frog’s eagle eyes were able to easily distinguish the man. Frog also heard some screaming, so of course I wanted to see what was happening.

So there are bugs everywhere, and they are attacking the slavers, it looks to be some sort of distraction. Anyways, I should probably stop writing, I think I’m being shot at. Yep! Definitely being shot at! Bye-Bye!


almostGiovanni Ethereal_Reaper

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