Burrows was founded within the last 300 years by Halfling slaves who escaped their servitude in the east. Through both mundane and magical means they created a series of tunnels beneath the sands of the desert that now serve as their homes.

Since then the number and size of the tunnels has grown. Every so often the citizens move to different tunnels and leave the old ones behind in order to keep slavers from pinpointing their exact location. Nowadays only members of small races are welcome, and the exact location of their city is a closely guarded secret.

Relations with other cities

Those born in the tunnels tend to have a disdain for larger races instilled in them. When on excursions to other towns these Burrowers have a tendency to make a bad name for their city. They have no qualms about stealing or thuggery targeted at larger races.

The Underfoot

A group of warriors was founded shortly after the creation of the city, in case their past owners would ever seek them out. The Underfoot are masters of guerrilla warfare, spoken of on the surface in hushed whispers, lest they pull you under the sand. Their gruesome tactics are designed to strike fear into surface dwellers, and experienced slavers know better than to step foot into their territory.


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