Sifters’ is a trade city along the river. It is the oldest and largest city in the desert. Unlike other desert cities, Sifters’ is more traditional in its construction and activities. Sifters also houses many schools of both academic and vocational learning.

The Tri

The three facets of the city, community, religion, and magic, each have their own leader, who in turn work together. Before the policing of the city was handled by The Rise, this was the Quad.


The Adamandi family started the first magic shop in Sifters’. Shortly after, competition set up close by. What started as a magical bazaar has since become its own section of the city. All magical trade in Sifters’ is found here. The current market leader is Mandu Adamandi, who is pushing for Adamandi to break off of Sifters’ and become its own city. The disappearance of his daughter a few years back has stifled his progress as he has been frantically searching for her.

Black Market & Thieves’ Guild

No market is complete without its seedy underside. With the right connections you can find your way to Sifters’ Black Market. Being one of the only cities in the desert worth looting, a thieves’ guild is operated from somewhere within the city. Citizens know to keep a close eye on any loose belongings when carousing the markets.


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